The STRENGTH to Change

My dear friend that I only knew for a short time was an instant support system for me shortly after we met at work. She was there through all the ups and downs, between a break up, a job that was unfulfilling, and being hundreds of miles from family. She gave me this key when I got the STRENGTH to take another job. This new job was still not near family and I did not know anyone there, but it would challenge me and hopefully bring me happiness.

At first I was ecstatic that I got the new job and plans were put into motion right away to move, but as I packed my apartment and started saying goodbye to coworkers and friends I was worried I had made a huge mistake. I was afraid to leave the place I called home the past 2 years and tried to justify staying at a job that drove me to tears most nights. But this dear friend of mine reassured me that this venture was the best thing for me. On my official moving day she gave me this key, that she had received from her mom. She felt like she got all the use out of it when she made a life changing decision to make and it was time for a new owner to have it.

The key traveled 634 miles with me and it was a constant reminder that I have the STRENGTH to change my life for the better. I cannot thank my friend enough for the support, love, and encouragement she gave me. The happy ending to this story is we both work in college athletics and 3 weeks after I made the 634 mile trek so did she! We are now working at the same university, happier than ever, and remaining the best of friends.


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