The Strength Within Herself

I've know my friend Missy for several years and, due to recent circumstances, we have had the opportunity to become very close friends.

Even before this, I've told her many times she is one of the strongest people I know! She lost her first baby girl to childhood cancer. Then her dad, then her mama and, recently, her grandma Pearl. I know there are days when she struggles, and I know the struggle is real, but she continues to love and support her family and her friends!

This weekend is the Relay for Life to help support and find a cure for Cancer-–something we both have supported for years. I lost my granny and my granny Warren to cancer. This weekend is also Mother's Day and I know my friend will be missing her mama and her Katie Bug!

I saw these necklaces a few weeks back and chose the word Strength because I see it in her everyday and I find strength within myself because of her! I am so thankful that I can call this beautiful strong woman my friend and hope that she always see the strength within herself!