There Is Simply A Feeling

Sometimes, there is simply a feeling. A rightness.

I purchased the Giving Key, GRACE, during a time in my life that had endured great heartbreak. The key was a reminder to meet the world with elegance, kindness, and, above all, grace. I healed myself with that key; that key healed me. 

I met James ten years ago across the country. Last week, James came across the country to meet me. He is the love of my life. He doesn't know it, but I know no truer truth than this. When we met, I looked. What I saw, as I stared into the expanse of another's humanity, was grace, goodness, and a good man healing from heartbreak.

Sometimes, there is simply a feeling. A rightness. That key was no longer mine. It was James'. He, the keeper of my heart. Me, the lock unjammed. That key, the beginning of a sentence that, like a good ellipses, leads to possibilities that shall never meet their end.