Those Dreams Are Not Forgotten

I gave a Dream Giving Key to a friend of mine for her thirtieth birthday. She's coming out of a very difficult season after finding out about her husband's porn addiction. My husband and I went through the same process about a year prior, and it was the most difficult thing we overcame in our marriage. I am so thankful now because it brought all of our junk to the surface and refined us, changed the dynamic in our family, our marriage and we have grown tons as individuals. When I discovered his porn addiction, I wanted a divorce or some kind of escape. I never would have thought it was going on, and I felt hopeless. Now, looking back I'm stunned to see where we are. I couldn't have dreamed life could be this good this quickly. I wanted my friend who is now going through the same process to dream again and to know that God cares about her hopes and dreams and longs to fulfill them in her, for her, and through her – That she can have the marriage she's always dreamed of, the life she has always dreamed of and to know that those dreams are not forgotten. I wanted her to look forward to what is in store and know that she is loved, by God and by me. The best is yet to come!