Timing Is Beyond Our Control

I received my CLARITY key from a student as a thank you for the acting class she took from me. She had found her clarity of purpose after several majors in college, and it was a word I used often in class. She went on to school in NY and is working as a professional actress. I held on to this key for three years, I couldn't conceive of ever giving it away. CLARITY is part of my theatre company's core values, and the guiding principle of my art and life.

Well, then I met an incredible woman, after several years of frustration in the dating world. And... she was IT. I felt a clarity I hadn't felt in more years than I care to admit, and I manifested in her life at a time when she was lacking clarity in her relationships, her work, her life. But after not even two weeks of seeing each other, she had a truly scary medical problem arise. She asked for space and time. I wasn't yet close enough to be the one to buttress her through her treatments. As a "fare-thee-well," I gifted her my CLARITY key, which she had asked about on our second date: she loved everything about it and The Giving Keys company. She accepted the key, hung it from her rearview mirror, and we said "see you in six weeks."

Six weeks later, through the treatments, and some family events, she discovered her own clarity. It did not include me. She in fact had decided to get back together with an ex, and I can only hope that overall the brief experiences we had together--and the key, which I miss but don't resent gifting--are a net win for everyone involved, someday, somehow. You just never know. Everyone is the star of their own movie, and everyone is on their own journey of discovery. The random collisions of our lives... we cannot control them, and it can feel like clarity is out of reach. But only in seeking clarity do we come to deserve it. Only by giving love do we become worthy of receiving love. Timing is beyond our control, so simply... give love and clarity every chance you get.


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