To Be Strong For Them

I have a friend, who is now my friend but was a bully to me in high school. I am thankful she reached out to make amends because she is such a beautiful soul and I'm lucky to know her now.

I faced a lot of trying times in the last couple of years, including stage III cancer, having a potential adoption fall apart, miscarriage, and trying to help a family member who had leukemia as well. My friend, Karen, sent me the Fearless key necklace. I just read her note and looked at it for days before I decided to wear it.

You see, I was terrified the whole time I faced this hellish journey. I even had a panic attack right before my seven hour surgery to removed my cancerous thyroid and 24 lymph nodes. I did not feel fearless when I told myself to accept the fact that I may die but living like I'm dying is not working very well.

Anyway, fast forward to last month. I have a new friend who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. She works with homeless and foster teens and she shared with me that sometimes the trauma the kids share with her triggers her anxiety and she has a difficult time even breathing, but she holds it together because she knows she needs to be strong for them. I took my necklace off and passed it to her. She faces her fears daily in order to make the world a better place for others. That is fearless.