To Roll With The Punches

My beautiful Mom Georgianna, at 86 years old, is going through chemotherapy to fight the recurrence of a very mean kind of uterine cancer. My Dad died a little over a year ago, and the family has been sort of fractured since then. Mom is being very brave and doing her best to roll with the punches.

I attended an event last Tuesday night at Ron Robinson in Santa Monica. It was held to benefit the animal charities, Rational Animal and NKLA, and lots of amazing artists that participated. Reading the wonderful story behind The Giving Keys, and seeing how lovely they are, was especially inspiring. My friend pointed out that the real beauty happens when you pay it forward... and we decided that Mom should have a gold STRENGTH key to remind her of how strong she truly is. The key will also be a talisman she can always have with her. I just can't decide if I should send it to her NOW, or take it for Christmas... either way I know she will love it.