Trust And Not Doubt

My best friend Libby gave me this necklace a year ago. It said believe on it, she explained the meaning. She told me to believe in myself and to believe in God and to believe in her and everything would be alright. Now when I wear it, I look down and I feel an overwhelming sense of strength and love and courage wash over me.

To me, to believe is to trust and not to doubt. To believe in myself is to trust and love myself, to BELIEVE that I will make it and to believe that I can do anything and everything I want to accomplish in this life.

To believe in God means to love him and to trust his plan for my life, when I feel like I have no control in my life, I remember that someone else has the control, someone who knows what He's doing. That's God.

To believe in my friendship with Libby. She has stood by my side time and time again, she has never let me down and never let go of my hand no matter what is going on.

This Christmas I am giving her the key. I wrote her a poem about it too. I want her to wear the key proudly, knowing that it symbolizes my love for her and my belief in the greatness inside her. I believe she can do great things and I have told her that a thousand times. Now she will really know, every time she looks down at her necklace.


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