Unconditional Love

I gave The Giving Key necklace with the word Love to my mother for her birthday. I chose the word love not just because I do indeed love her, but for the unconditional love she has for her family. Although she fights her own health battles on a daily basis, she never complains about her pain, and only reaches out to offer love and support to our family no matter what. The day before her birthday, she had surgery. When I callled to see how she was feeling after she was done, all she could do was ask how MY doctor appointment went and how I was feeling. She goes out of her way to have special relationships with all her grandchildren, making them all feel special in her own way. Her beauty (inside and out), her kindness, her generosity, and most of all, her unconditional love that she has for her family, no matter what, is why I gave her the key with the word Love.