Waiting To Be Told

I've wanted a Giving Key for ages and I finally treated myself to one. I also got one for a friend. For myself I got the word 'Faith' because I felt like I needed to have more faith in God Himself and His promises. My key wasn't even here yet (in Canada) it was just in the mail when I clearly heard God say 'This isn't for you. This is not your word. This key is for Rhonda.'  

Finally the keys came, I never even put it on... I drove to my friends store and explained what The Giving Keys are and that I felt this one, faith, was for her.
She has been so impacted by it she cant even describe it - you see she had lost faith in herself and her identity and God was breathing it back into her.

As for the other necklace .. That one was 'fearless' and it was a prophetic declaration of my friend Angie to overcome fear in her life. She knows its just a symbol but she is taking a stand knowing God is for her and so am I.
What are my words? That story is waiting to be told...