We All Need A Key

This key was giving to me by a dear friend the night before I had my 1st rib removed....10.31.16. She actually bought it for herself but when it arrived she felt led to give it to me. Telling me that the necklace says believe. And she believed that, "I was SO SO SO strong, and even though the recovery would be difficult, I believe you are a fighter, and that you will fell so fell so much better. And I know and believe God will be with you, walking you through this and building to heal you. So when you look at this necklace and know I believe in you and so does GOD!"

It was so touching I cried. I'm still unable to wear it because of my surgical site, but I pull it out and read the letter and look at the key all the time.

In return I decided to buy her her own key... because after all WE all need a key!