We Are Now Both On A Good Path

After being laid off 16 months ago from a company that I had worked for almost 22 years, I start back tomorrow with the company I started with, so yes, I BELIEVE! I had seen The Giving Keys in a local store and thought, "I will get one of those keys." When I went today, they didn't have a big selection, but they did have the word BELIEVE!

I'm going to give it to my friend. She is a single mother of two beautiful girls, and has seen her fair share of troubles. She has been in a program for single mothers and their children to live in a home on church property for a year. Their year is up in November, but she just passed her real estate license test yesterday. So I BELIEVE we are now both on a good path, and want so much to pass that on to anyone and everyone that is in need.

Have a blessed day.