Wings To Fly

At 9 years old, starting a new school is terrifying. As I walked her up to the front door of her new 4th grade classroom, I handed her the necklace inscribed with “courage.” I told my daughter, Isabelle, when she was scared or confused to just know that the necklace would give her the courage she needs to move forward through her first day of school.

At the end of the school day, she told me about her new lessons and friends. She proceeded to take her necklace off and hand it to me. She said, “Mom I remembered what you said, have courage and be kind. Everything went fine. Now you need the courage to know that I’ll be okay.” Sometimes one word on a necklace can help give your child the wings to fly on their own.

Thank you for giving so much more than a key to my daughter today. You gave her the one bit of confidence she needed to fly.