Working through the grief in the most COURAGEOUS way I can

I lost my mother last January and was facing rough months ahead beginning mid November with her first birthday in heaven and then our first Thanksgiving and Christmas without her. She was my best friend and the person I spoke to every morning and evening commute. Those drives are extremely difficult now. I have had 2 friends lose their mother's since and one just a couple weeks ago. I still need to work on my COURAGE to go on without her, but I thought it may be fulfilling to share my COURAGE key for this friend. She invited me to Thanksgiving dinner today but I chose to remain home alone. My other friend called crying over the loss of her mother and no longer having any family. I will be picking her up a COURAGE key as well. I think as women, we do a good job supporting our friends and it's my hope that my mother sees me working through the grief in the most COURAGEOUS way I can.