You Are Worthy

I've held tight to this necklace for almost 4 years. I bought this for myself when I was in the dark.. when I knew of God but did not know Him.. when I knew that where I was, I could not stay. Worthy. There's so much I want to say about what being worthy means to me, what I've experienced to find the truth time and time again. But ain't nobody got time for my ramblings! But I will say, there's nothing I am more sure of than this: the Lord has been in pursuit of my heart since it's first beat. Even without notice, it was the Lord who saved me every night and sustained me every day. It is through Jesus Christ that I have been redeemed. It is through Jesus Christ that my mourning has turned to dancing (quite literally). It is through Jesus Christ that my scars declare He is my healer. It is through Jesus Christ that I am worthy.

Two years ago I began serving at my church as a middle school small group leader. Two years ago my heart grew as much as my faith. I met this girl who I saw pieces of myself in, and all I wanted to do was lead her to the truth. You know that feeling when you hear the best news ever and you want to scream it from the tops of your lungs? Or a wonderful secret you can't possibly keep to yourself? For two years I've had that feeling. For two years it's been my prayer that she hears this- You are loved! You are worthy! You are wanted! You are known! By the most high! By the king of kings! By the lord our God! ..Little did I know that God wasn't just working through me but in me as well. Through this beautiful girl, I believe God was trying to edify this truth in me, too. And I hear it! I believe it! Even when the lies become loud and I can't see past the dark of night- I've got it safe in my heart. I am worthy and my Jesus loves me. So yesterday, with joy in my heart and a new sense of freedom, I handed over the key.