You Know When The Time Is Right

Christmas 2014 is when I received my "strength " key. It was given to me by my friend of 37 years. We met during a snow storm while I was looking for my dog and she came out to help me. We were in 6th grade. She has been my friend ever since and has helped me through many storms.

There are 6 of us girls, we each received a key that year from Christi. We have all been friends for 30 years. We text daily, we call ourselves, sister friends.

I gave my key to Lisa about a month ago when she had to separate her parents for the first time in their married lives. She is an only child and has had the responsibility of taking care of both her parents. She asked me to help her, and I knew when I woke up that morning she needed my strength key more than I did.

You just know when the time is right to pass on your key. I can't imagine my life without my 5 best friends.