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Choosing COURAGE over fear

To me, COURAGE represents strength, guts, willingness, empowerment, trust and self-love.

It’s very important not to run away from the fears we have. I like to use my fears as a way of guiding me through life. Most of the time, the fear shows us exactly what we truly care about. For example, we can be scared of losing someone we love or we can be scared of failure when it comes to accomplishing something we’ve always dreamed of, but what that fear is showing us is how passionate we are. That’s when I say: “Jump! You've got this! It’s 100% worth it”.

I’ve been working with Beyoncé since 2013. I went on her Mrs. Carter World Tour and the following year I was a part of her On The Run World Tour with Jay-Z. It was completely amazing and the life I’d always dreamed of. In 2016 there was talks of a Formation World Tour coming around the corner, I didn't want to assume I was automatically going back on tour with her. I went back to the drawing board and decided to focus on a few personal projects.

Working with Beyoncé was me living out my number one dream as a dancer. Having accomplished that left me wondering what was going to be next. I felt this deep calling to share my passion in other ways. I wanted to somehow give back and help others. My close friend, Mel Mah, who had just toured with her dream artist Janet Jackson, felt the same way. We were both living out our dreams and wanted to find a way to mentor young girls who were chasing their dreams. After a lot of brainstorming, we decided to create an empowerment workshop dedicated to educating and inspiring young females called, “You Got This, Girl!”.

I was four hours away from boarding a 13-hour flight to Switzerland to dance at a private event with Christina Aguilera, when I got the call to join Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour. A world tour is huge - you’re working for a whole year and it’s a lot of stability, but I’d already started working on my passion project. I was torn between two dreams. Saying ‘no’ to the tour meant no safety net and I only had a few hours to decide. My family and my friends were all so supportive, but I was a nervous wreck when I had to say ‘no’ to Beyoncé. In response to my decision, she gave me her blessing and told me I was doing the right thing. The dream of “You Got This Girl!” was now a reality.

Finding your dream is mostly about listening. I think COURAGE exists within everyone, but it’s getting rid of the outside voices telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. When you push all of that aside and focus, the answer and COURAGE to do what you feel is right there in front of you. It’s inside all of us,  but it takes COURAGE to reach for it and believe in that possibility.

Now that I’ve launched You Got This, Girl!, and I’m back to working with Beyoncé, I’ve made both of my dreams a reality! COURAGE is an opportunity to push yourself past your limits. It’s saying YES to the opportunity to grow. It’s living life to it’s fullest.


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