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Often I meet new women and I fall in love, Sometimes it’s because of her appeal, Sometimes it’s because of our intellectual conversations. Either way I end up caring too hard, too early. Love is where I'm vulnerable. I have the capability of being too nice. I do way too much for the ones I think I love. Love should come spontaneously. It should be something beautiful, Where beauty isn't the only concern. Where flaws are welcomed and not burned. It's this love that revolves in my heart. But at times it gets very cold, Because I have no one to fill that part. Often times I feel like nothing, Because I lost hope looking for a similar heart. If I just be myself it'll come naturally. If I just work on me, and grow rapidly, True love is bound to be found. One day me and my love will be living happily. There's still hope, There is still hope!


I feel as though my need for love is too strong.
I'm like a hopeless romantic,
As long as there’s love, things can never go wrong.

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