Meet the Makers

At The Giving Keys, our mission is to provide jobs to people transitioning out of homelessness in LA. One job at a time; one key at a time.

Meet Betty

“Since joining The Giving Keys, my attitude on everything has changed. I like coming to work and feeling that I’m a part of something bigger than myself - feeling that I am needed. The Giving Keys gave me a second chance and I am so grateful for this opportunity.”

- Betty

Meet Larry

“Joining The Giving Keys has affected my life in a lot of ways - not only financially, but it has also opened me up as a person. I didn't trust many people when I got here, and this team knocked that down."

- Larry

Meet Maria

“The Giving Keys helps you go beyond just getting by day to day - they help you pursue your dream. They’ve truly helped to motivate me as a person. I believe if you clearly manifest something it’s more likely to happen. My word is DREAM and I’m putting my dream into action. I dream of making my baby’s dreams come true. My baby’s dream is my dream. And my future is my baby's future.”

- Maria

Meet Michael

“My department was laid off from JP Morgan back in 2012, and it was really difficult for me to find a job. I ended up on a park bench in Santa Monica and I think I would still be there today if it hadn’t been for Chrysalis, which helps people get back into the workforce, ultimately leading me to The Giving Keys. Now I feel like I’m doing something really useful for people in a similar situation that I was in.”  

- Michael