The Giving Keys Store Opening Party




We’re excited to announce that we are opening our first ever retail store in the heart of the Arts District, adjacent to Skid Row.  A flagship store close to shelters and our non-profit partners that will aim to build a community around the fight to end homelessness. This will be a place where our shoppers can connect with our people and our mission.

A place to pay it forward.

Our store will be a home where people come from all over to buy meaningful products focused around their seasons in life, set intentions, leave inspired, and become a part of our mission to end homelessness. We believe this will be a place where people’s stigmas around homelessness will fall away as they gain proximity to people from different walks of life. We also believe that this is a place of hope and transformation where people will find what they need to overcome their own obstacles through our products and the inspirational words they carry.



A location tied to a mission.
53,000 people are experiencing homelessness in LA County. The Giving Keys has created 90 plus jobs. We hope for twenty new jobs to be created within our retail store over the next five years. Through added retail positions and training we will be able create more jobs for those transitioning out of homelessness.


An example for social impact enterprises for years to come.
With the gentrification of the Arts District, we want our store to be a place where those of the neighborhoods past are not forgotten. A place where LA locals and tourists have an opportunity to invest in and support the community through purchasing products in our store that make an impact on real human relationships.



Come and embark on this journey to celebrate years to come of speaking up for the homeless and carrying a vision that is unstoppable. Come and join us at our grand opening party launch on the 13th at 4:30 pm -7:00 pm.