Keeping Imagination Alive

After I first heard about The Giving Keys, I ordered myself a key that said "imagine." It was a reminder to myself to keep hope and imagination alive in my heart even when going through a really, really terrible time.

When it was truly dark in my life, I clung to that key and one other thing that would keep me from falling down the rabbit hole. I believe those stable things kept me alive.

Last night, I had the chance to pass my "imagine" key on to someone instrumental in the "other thing." I told him how he'd saved my life, and while I didn't have time to give him the story behind the key, as someone well-aware of TGK's mission, I can only hope he'll see this - or just understand that my passing it on to him is my way of thanking him and hoping that that little trinket will fulfill the debt I feel I owe him.

I know we're supposed to pass the key on to someone who needs the message. I believe, though, that passing it to someone who strengthened the meaning for me is just as good. And who knows? Maybe it'll take on a new meaning for him and inspire him to do something that saves another lost, lonely girl.