A Dream For A Princess

A friend of mine gave me the key of "strength" when we found out my niece had cancer in 2012. This is my story...

My beautiful niece, Mackenzie was just 3 years old when she began to suffer the effects of a softball sized epithelioid sarcoma tumor that pressed against her lungs, airway, and heart. We were told that this was an extremely rare, extremely aggressive form of cancer. She endured many chemo treatments, several surgeries, and 31 rounds of radiation. She did all of this while blossoming into a beautiful, gentle, and angelic little girl. After beating the first tumor, in just a short time another grew and engulfed Mac's upper body. In just a few short months, after a very tiring battle, on March 5th 2013, Mackenzie became our very own guardian angel.

In her short years on Earth, she taught people to love unconditionally, think of yourself as a princess, and always be kind to one another. On October 16th, I passed on my key to my boss and very dear friend Shari, who is about to endure her own battle with the beast.

I HATE YOU CANCER, and I pray with all my heart that a cure can be found for ALL CANCER: child, pancreatic, breast, lung, kidney, ovarian... ALL CANCER! Dear Lord I pray Give us STRENGTH!



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