Sharing Strength

I met Caitlin in Denver a couple of weeks ago and when she told me about The Giving Keys, I immediately knew who I would give mine to.

I bought a STRENGTH necklace after her show, and wore it for a day. I often set strength as my intention for myself during my weekly yoga class, and always think of it in a holistic sense - I'm there to strengthen my body as well as strengthen my mind and my resolve to stay present and positive throughout my days.

This month, though, my boss has been facing challenges in her own life that moved me to send her some extra strength and additional reminders of the strength she already possesses. She's been going through a personal health crisis that has led her from doctor's visits and blood draws, to ultrasounds, biopsies, and CT scans. She has been scared and unsure, felt helpless and lost.

I gave her the STRENGTH key the morning of her surgical consultation and she just about melted to the floor in gratitude. She's been wearing it daily, and I know she's appreciated it so much. Just days after she received her benign diagnosis (thank goodness!), she learned of an unforeseen tragedy that had just befallen one of her best friends. She told me she'd be holding on to the STRENGTH a little longer, and then she knew exactly to whom she'd be passing it on. Thank you, Caitlin, for connecting us all and allowing us to share our strength and our strengths with one another.



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