Believing in Kayla

My darling Kayla...

My life changed drastically 14 years ago when I met my step-daughter, Kayla. Kayla has always been filled with a warm spirit, an authentic zest for life, and compassion and love towards those who are fortunate enough to be a friend or family member. 

Kayla graduated high school and planned to go to college this fall. Plans were changed, at no fault of hers, and she had to make other arrangements. Kayla has always been able to roll with the punches and adjust when needed. With college plans in the dust (for now), she found another opportunity which took her to the Dominican Republic at the end of August and will be there until mid-December. Kayla raised enough money to join an organization dedicated to teaching children who are less fortunate. She always wanted to be a teacher, and found a way to put her passion to work at the tender age of seventeen. 

I believe in Kayla. Always have, always will. I sent her the "believe" key knowing that she will return home in December after having the experience of a lifetime with a fresh outlook on the world and personal growth that will enable her to realize her dreams. Her students are truly blessed to know her... as I have been.

Love you!!
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