A Family Gone Too Soon

Was in LA visiting my lil sis when I came across The Giving Keys at a really cool store. I had a hard time deciding which key to buy so I bought three of them (Strength, Breathe, Fearless) as I knew I would give each one away sooner or later.

After being back home in Orlando, FL for 2 days I learned of a mother, daughter, and son who had been missing for a couple of days were found tragically murdered. I happened to be very close friends with someone who was close to the family... So as I was driving out of my neighborhood one day while I was wearing the "Strength" key, I drove over to my friend's house (who was having a very difficult time with the situation and rightfully so). I sent her a text and told her that I needed for her to come outside and meet me in her driveway because I needed to give her something. When she came out I simply got out of my car... walked up to her... took the key off of my neck, put it around her's, and told her the story about The Giving Keys. I told her to look at the word on the key - strength - and she broke down. There was much more to everything but a week has gone by now and she wears the "Strength" key everywhere. The cool thing is... I know she is already looking for the special someone that she will pay the key forward to. Can't wait to give my next key away!!