Hope For New Beginnings

For about the past four years now, I've struggled with depression. I've also been an introvert for as long as I can remember, so basically, I'd go through valleys of depression and feel like I did not have anyone to reach out to because I didn't want to burden them. I would bury my deep seated emotions somewhere inside me.

About a year and a half ago, I got to the worst part in my story. I dreaded the thought of waking up each morning. I would keep to myself and unintentionally lash out at people for trying to talk to me. Every night, I thought about how I could just kill myself and not hurt anymore. Somewhere along the way I discovered The Giving Keys and bought one that said "Hope" as a reminder that everything will get better. Also at about that time, I began playing drums for a couple of youth services at my church. The old drummer had left for six months to go on a mission trip and I had volunteered to fill in for the time being.

Over time, the worship leader and I became great friends. He has become my mentor and one of my best friends in the world. He was the first person I told about my depression and is a huge reason I am alive today. Two weeks ago, he let all of the worship bands know that he felt that God was calling him to a church in Mississippi and that he had two weeks left with us. I gave him my key this morning and told him that I hope he keeps it as a reminder that he's a part of something bigger than himself and to find a kid at his new church that could use a little hope. Then we cried.



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