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Not Alone

I had never heard of The Giving Keys until a friend gifted me with one. It had "Faith" on it.

The key, the meaning behind it, and the friend who gave it to me served as reminders to have Faith; faith in God, faith in people, faith at all times. I only had the key a few days. You see, I'm a teacher, and another teacher is having a difficult year.

She came to my classroom, in tears, and hinting she wasn't sure she would make it through the rest of the year. I encouraged her and she left, still in tears.

A few minutes later, we were standing in the hall monitoring students. I saw her face; the defeat, the pain, the I'm-barely-hanging on look, and at that moment, I knew she needed the key. I took it off, placed it around her neck, and told her it was a gift from God and to wear it knowing she wasn't alone.

She's worn the key everyday since. Who would've thought a simple key could unlock so much.

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