A Time of Great Need

In October, 2014 I moved my 94 year old mother from Florida to Ohio so that I could take care of her. In the months that followed she was in and out of hospitals and nursing home.

She suffered from dementia and would frequently call me in the middle of the night. She was argumentative and uncooperative most of the time. She suffered from recurring illness and fell often. As the primary care giver I was at the end of my ability to cope and losing faith in God.

A friend of mine had received a Giving Key from her granddaughter and gave it to me in a time great of need.

Recently I have started visiting a young women suffering from wide spread cancer for which she has had a year of radiation and chemotherapy. Last month she had surgery for a life-threatening illness.

She is grieving the loss of control over her life and the prospect of death. It is now time to pass this key to her.

I feel that God placed me in her life as my friend was placed in my life to help me face the daily battle of survival.