With Timing and For A Reason

We boarded a flight to Denver, Colorado. My husband and I had a connecting flight so as we walked onto the plane we were adamant on sitting as near to the front of the plane as possible. We found ourselves walking all the way back to the last row to find the only two last seats.

A girl who already claimed sitting in the row politely moved to the window seat and we finally settled in. The majority of the plane ride was spent sleeping and silent. I started asking the girl reasons behind her trip to Denver. She said the trip was to intentionally see if she wanted to make the move there to be closer to her boyfriend. We discussed how things always seem to happen with timing and for a reason.

We spoke about the courage it takes to move away from the only place you know. I mentioned my profession as an art therapist and she immediately perked up. she began showing me old drawings and sharing all the joy art once brought to her life. She also mentioned how others around her recently encouraged she get back into creating art as it was a large part of her life.

I knew right then and there I had to give her my Create Giving Key. I, for the first time since buying it, finally felt someone needed this word more than me. I secretly thought I would have kept this key forever but I knew it was time to let it help someone else in all the ways it helped me creatively change jobs, create art with my sister, challenge my priorities and get back to my roots of art making.

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