With Love and Hope

I received my Fearless Giving Key as a Christmas gift. I knew immediately who I would pass it to.

My long time friend had breast cancer. We met in college and she is the only friend I have from those days. Over the years we shared important moments: weddings, births of children , bar mitzvahs, and graduations.

When she told me about her cancer she made a joke. That is what I treasure about her. Her love of family and her sense of humor. She had a tough time with chemo but remained positive. She set herself goals for when she would be healed. She always had long brown hair but lost it because of the chemo. When she went completely bald her son shaved his hair and surprised her. She laughed with love and hope.

Not only was she fighting cancer, but the place where she worked closed and she had no job. Now money became a concern.

I pass this Fearless key to her so she remains brave as she overcomes these obstacles. While wearing it I hope she remembers our friendship and finds courage. I am fortunate to have her in my life.