Every Waking Moment

My best friend had given me a Giving Key for Valentine's Day. I'm an older graduate student who has been struggling with Imposter Syndrome and feelings that I was inadequate to complete my program and make any changes in the world.

The word she chose for my key was "worthy" and I cried when I saw it. I wore it every waking moment until last week.

My roommate had taken a final and for the second time she failed out of her graduate program. She too struggles with Imposter Syndrome and feelings of unworthiness. I took my key off and gave it to her, because I realized she need this word so much more than I did.

She tried to not let me give it to her, because I only had the key for a short amount of time, but I insisted she take it and embrace it, and told her to pass it on when she found someone who needed it more than she did.