Determination To See The Goodness

I love your vision and how you inspire connection.

I ordered my first Giving Key inscribed with the word "grateful" on it. I had been working on practicing this principle in all my affairs, primarily by starting each morning with prayer and creating a gratefulness list. I had seen fruit come from this practice as God expanded my vision of all the blessings, large and small, he poured out over me each day.

I am a addiction counselor with my primary focus being pastoral counseling for residential treatment center I work at in California.
I had the privilege of working with a young man who had entered our facility for his substance abuse issues. I was given the opportunity to come alongside him on his journey to reconnect with Jesus and partner with Him in gaining sobriety and living in recovery. What I saw in this young man was a determination to see the goodness of God in all his circumstances, no matter how difficult - to me, the definition of grateful.

I was moved during one of our sessions to tell him the story of the Giving Key, and I asked him if I could give my key to him. He accepted with tears and wore it from that day on.
I pray for him often, and am hoping he will pass it on to the next person who may need to be blessed by it.

I am currently wearing my second key which says "Let Go" - such a good reminder of how big our God is and the freedom He wants me to live in.
I am prayerfully watching for it's next recipient...