A Prayer Warrior

My story begins upon the few nights before I moved to New York City from Nashville, TN. My boyfriend at the time had gifted me a giving key necklace (after months of my commenting on how unique and beautiful the idea of them were) and the one he chose for me was a "FAITH" necklace.

I wore it all through the streets of NYC for 4+ months on every one of my daily journeys there, and upon finding my trust in God, and attending Hillsong Sunday nights. After the weather turned cold and after the limited amount of plaid shirt days with my boyfriend on spontaneous visits, ups/downs & separate Thanksgivings, we both returned to Nashville in December.

We met at a favorite coffee shop in our small town, & while wearing my Giving Key necklace, we had a mutual breakup over dinner & hot lavender tea. Though breakups are sad, no matter what form, I'm happy to say we have remained long distance friends, & still share/create beautiful memories with one another.

Through family & friend get togethers I met with one of my dear friends from high school, Rachel. Throughout HS, Rachel was always known for her wit, faith in the Lord, constant good Samaritan qualities, often shared by giving to others in every waking moment, & a prayer warrior often without needing requests.

She spoke of the three month mission trip she would be starting in February. They would be venturing off to Nepal, a group of 6, to teach young children there, and volunteer in a number of beautiful ways. That night, I was still wearing my necklace, & in a sudden moment deep within my heart, I decided to pass my necklace along to my sweet, self-less friend.

I gave it to her in a prayer that it would help her spread her faith glitter and blessings all around the villages of the country she would be going to in a number of days. She was incredibly grateful & loved the idea of how the necklace worked, & said she would take it with her on her adventure.Thank you for creating these keys, & the beautiful moments they bring.

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