Perfect Timing

My boyfriend Jared left to bootcamp the other day. It was a very difficult time. After he left, my family wanted to go to the mall.

We got there, I stared walking alone and while I was walking I thought to myself "how am I going to handle Jared gone" I grabbed my Strength key and asked God for strength. I called my mom to find out where she was.

It went to voicemail and suddenly after I hung up my phone, this women that worked at a store in the mall went up to me, grabbed my key and just stared at it and starts crying. She told me her mom has a key just like it and it reminds her of her mom. She said her birthday was in two days and she wont be able to see her mom.

She looked very sad and I didn't know what to say but tell her I was sorry. I walked away and didn't know what to do then seconds it hit me and I felt like I was supposed to give her the key, but then I thought "no i need the key, Jared just barely left and I need strength more than ever".

So, I didn't know what to do, called my mom and she told me that maybe it's Gods way in giving me strength when I give it to her. And then Jared called me again for the last time and I told him what happened and he said the same thing my mom did.

I was still confused so I walked around the mall and I couldn't get her off my mind. So I finally made the decision and went to give her my key. I went up to her and said, "this whole time I felt like I should give you this key. This is the point of the key and I believe once I give this to you, I will receive strength and you will also".

Her eyes lit up and I just felt Gods presence and she said thank you so much and gave me the biggest hug ever. She gave me her number. It was the best feeling ever.

I know this was God and Him showing me He's with me everywhere I go. I thank God for all of this and believe I have received strength because of the key necklace. It was all in God's perfect timing.

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