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Third Generation Strength

Last year, my mom was admitted to a mental institution on my 16th birthday. Since May of 2015, I struggled to find the joyful moments of life.

It was a long six months leading up to a very different Christmas as my mom no longer was living with us.

A friend gave me her giving key that said strength. I wear almost everyday and continue to cling to the strength she shares with me.

Well today, April 7, 2016, I attended a funeral for a good friends day. As I went down the visitation line, I didn't even think of my key until I was hugging her and crying with her.

I realized in that moment, that in the same kind of hug someone gave me the key I had around my neck. In point 5 seconds, I made the decision to give her my key. She put it around her neck and smiled. We now share the third generation strength that we need.

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