Darkest Days

For the entire 2015 year, I had been hinting to my husband that I wanted a Giving Key necklace. Christmas rolled around and I was pretty certain that I was not getting one. My husband was the only person who knew how much I wanted this.

Fast forward to a Christmas party with a bunch of my girlfriends. One friend pulled me aside and said she had something to give me! I told her that I didn't know we were exchanging gifts, and she said she knew, but that she felt like the Lord asked her to get this for me. As I opened the gift and saw the Giving Key necklace, I burst into tears. She chose the word Strength and I was literally through the roof excited about getting to wear my new necklace.

Fast forward again to yesterday, April 17, when my best friends grandpa passed away. Her entire family has been near and dear to my heart since we met, and her grandmother is the most beautiful woman. As soon as I heard the news, I knew I had to give my necklace away.

I heard very clearly that God wanted to provide strength to sweet Bia and my necklace was a symbol of how He was going to do that. As I gave her my necklace she began to cry and I encouraged her that even on the darkest days, God's strength promises to carry her. As sad as I was to give my favorite necklace away, I knew that Bia was the perfect person to receive it.

And now, so close to Mother's Day, I am hinting again to my husband that I need a new key ;)

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