The Good Work

I am the Executive Director of an memory care assisted living senior community.

Serving seniors living with different types of dementia is very rewarding but also a daily challenge. I have 6 department heads that I work closely with and consider my "team".

Every day we pour our heart and soul into giving the seniors that live in our community the experience they deserve. I would be lying if I did not admit that our job is very taxing and is difficult to give so much of yourself. Over the years we have kept each other grounded and continue inspire each other to do better every day.

I recently resigned from my position and am having a difficult time saying goodbye to all of the residents, families, staff, and most of all department heads whom I work so closely with.

As a farewell gift, I have purchased a Giving Key for each of them, as a reminder to continually strive to pay it forward, inspire others, and acknowledge that the good work we do impacts many people in our community.