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I am blessed with two amazing sisters. Each one unique. Each one a blessing. 

My sister Pam is one of the most amazing women I know. She has been walking with the Lord for over 25 years. Her life, like others, has been filled with so much joy along with her share of hurts. What sets Pam apart from anyone else I know, is her ability to trust and praise God throughout the seasons in her life. Her desire and dedication to sharing the Lord's message and willingness to give so much of herself led her to open her business, Glory's Place. Glory's Place is a beautiful day spa - but the real foundation of her business is in bringing women to a closer relationship with our God. An essential part of Glory's Place is Glory's Corner. It's in Glory's Corner that Pam, along with her business partner and friend Allison, bring women together for bible study, outreach, and fellowship. It's beautiful to see the lives being touched through her ministry. We truly believe that God has led my sister to this ministry and intends for His glory to shine through her. However, as with all businesses, there are challenges and struggles... which lead me to her key. I am giving my sister the "Inspire" key for Christmas. I prayed over this key and asked our Faithful God to Inspire Pam beyond her wildest imagination. I asked to lift her ministry to an entirely new level where she can encourage and Inspire women with the love God has poured into her. Hold on sweet Pam... God has an abundance of inspiration in store for you. Be still and let HIM inspire you. 

My sister Melanie has a special place in my heart. Melanie and I are so much alike. We are known for being rebellious, carefree and the most loyal friend a person can have. We've both had our share of ups, downs, and sideways :) but through all of our craziness, God has been beside us, nudging us along. As you may see we found our relationship with God later in life. Melanie has shown me the beauty that lies inside once we surrender all we have to our Lord and Savior. We've let go of past hurts and allowed God to heal our wounds. We did this together, she and I. We've been on a journey that has transformed our lives. Oh to see ourselves the way Jesus sees us.... I gave Melanie the "Believe" key. I've watched as her relationship with God has changed every aspect of her life. Her relationships, her attitude on life, and her overall purpose. But, we all have that one area that holds us back from receiving everything Jesus died on the cross to give us, which is.... believing in ourselves. Knowing that God made us in His image. That nothing we can do can separate us from Him or make Him love us any more or any less. He loves us 100% yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We don't have to perform or meet some imaginary expectations. I prayed over this key that God will continue to build a spirit of worthiness in her. A peace in knowing that we are covered by the blood. An understanding that if our Heavenly Father believes in us, we should be at peace to believe in ourselves. You are beautifully made, Melanie. You are blessing as a sister and friend. Believe that. I love you.



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