Move Forward

I was given my Giving Key by an incredible woman I know in our small town. She owns a coffee shop with THE best coffee and scones in the world. She gave me the key "Strength" as she felt I provide strength to women in our community. 

Last week, there was a school shooting in our small town. The young man that shot two kids leaving their prom was killed by a heroic officer.

I feel his mother, who I don't know very well, needs this Strength key more than any other person I know right now. She is a good mother and a good person.

I can't imagine the burden she feels and the pain that goes with burying a child. My son was inside the gymnasium at the time that the shooting took place.

I want her to know that my heart goes out to her.

Although I can never understand why this type of violence continues in our world, I do understand that we all need love and care to be able to move forward.

I hope she can move forward.