I told myself I was going to find the perfect person to give my Giving Key to. I hung on to the key because I was supposed to.

I met my best friend in 2007 and from that point we were inseparable. We hung out like best friends do and even worked together at a couple of different jobs. The love I had for her created a sister like bond that I thought could never be broken.

She helped me through some really tough times. Job changing, surgery, a divorce, a marriage, child rearing. No matter the thoughts she really felt, she was always supportive of the decisions I made. She would call me her angel and even got a tattoo to remind her of that.

In 2015, she began struggling. She moved and went through a divorce. She then began a new relationship and that is when things began to change. We stopped seeing each other as much and our phone calls got fewer and further between until one day they just stopped.

I went through some serious abandonment issues, lost trust in all of my friends, and only confided in my husband. I felt abandoned by her for a man I could never bring myself to trust. We stayed Facebook friends so I would keep up with what was going on in her life and after a year of not talking to her, I decided to like a post of hers. It was then that I got a message.

She told me how very sorry she was, told me she was single, and just trying to find herself again. We had a phone conversation and it was then that I learned of the abuse (both physical and mental) she had suffered at the hands of the boyfriend she no longer had. I expressed my concerns that if he came back, that she may fall back into the same situation.

I believe she knows she has it in her to "Fly" high and away. So today, I give her my key. I hope she wears it as a constant reminder that she is someone special to me. I hope she reads the word "Fly" every day and knows her worth and I hope someday she finds someone to give the key to who's life she may change.


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