Giving My Son Strength

I bought a giving key a few months ago. I was planning to give it to someone in need, but I never realized that the person in need would be so close to me.

My son struggles with depression and anxiety as well as other medical conditions. He had become so tormented the past several months with the challenges that life brings. He started telling me that he "couldn't take it anymore." He wanted to die. As a mother, these are the words that you never want to hear.

I thought of my key which is inscribed with the word "love." I told my son that I had something very special to give him, something that he could wear or just keep in his pocket. I told him that it was my love that would be with him whenever he had it with him. He could touch it and be reminded that I will always have his back, that I will always love him, and I will always be there for him no matter what. I explained that the symbol will give him the inner strength to continue on and help remind him of the love and support he has from his family.