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Trying To Be Brave

About a year ago my mom, sister and I were all trying to be brave. I was trying to decide if I should quit or stay at a job. My sister was trying decide to move  to Ohio to start over again with her husband and 2 small boys. My mom trying to let go of her grandchildren when they moved to another state.

In the midst of all of this, we bought 3 BRAVE Giving Keys to remind us that we were strong and brave and could get through this season. 
I ended up staying at my job, even though it felt like a safe, stupid choice, not a brave one. But I held on to that key and wore it every day as a reminder that sometimes the choices that seem safe can also be brave.

And then, about 3 months ago, a new friend was diagnosed with cancer, and I knew that it was time to pass the key along. So I took it off and put it in an envelope along with a note reminding my friend to be brave and trust God through her journey.

It turns out that it was the exact right thing to do. It was exactly the reminder that she needed and she has been brave and strong as she's walking this path.


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