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June 06, 2016

Finding Strength

In September of last year, my dad was diagnosed with this rare liver cancer. In October, he had the tumor removed, and I felt like I could breathe again. January came, and his cancer came back. Dad decided not to continue with chemotherapy treatments. He said there wasn't a cure.

I purchased a key with the word Strength on it. I tugged on my necklace every time I felt weak. I tugged on my necklace every time I cried. On April 9, 2016, my dad left this earth and went to Heaven. I tugged on my necklace at his funeral.

A few days after his funeral, a friend messaged me to give her condolences. I remembered her sharing her story with me about her dad needing a liver transplant when I first found out about Dad getting sick. I immediately felt like I needed to pass my key on to her.

Her dad is still in need of a liver transplant. I pray this key will give her comfort like it gave me. My key was/is a reminder of finding strength in the hardest of times. I was able to pass my key on to my friend because when my Dad left this earth, he left me his own strength. I needed to pass my strength on as well.




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