Auntie Princess

Today I gave away my key of "Strength" to the strongest person I know, my sister (aka Auntie Princess). She is one of those people that lights up a room, while still making every person she talks to feel as if they are the most important person in the world.

This past September we lost our Dad to a long battle with cancer. He was a fighter, way too proud to let anyone catch a glimpse of weakness... and she is a lot like him!!! Dad's passing rekindled family ties while challenging others. My sister continues to move forward with grace and dignity while handling all of the issues surrounding his estate and the care of our Grandmother. By giving her the "Strength" key I hoped to remind her of her strength, mindfulness, and determination. She can do anything! "Auntie Princess" is a role model and inspiration to me, her nieces and nephews, and everyone she comes in contact with. She is loved to the moon and back!!!