Ability To Believe

When I purchased "Believe" it was after the IF:Gathering which reminded me to "Repent and Believe." I have been a believer for many years, but the reminder that my belief should result in action was a difficult one, and I wanted it to be a palpable one. I didn't know if I would really get the chance to share the key. I am around believers all of the time, working at a church. Even though I loved the message on the key as a believer, I guess I didn't really think about giving it to a believer. Until this morning.

A friend who loves Jesus and knows Him is struggling with believing she abides in His love. She isn't seeing her own value or desirability. As soon as she said it, I wanted to take the key off my neck. I was sitting across the room, though. So when I got the chance, that same morning, I took it off, put it back in its little sack, and gave it to her with these words: "You are loved." Now I will pray. Pray that she believes in her own worth. Believes in God's unfailing love. Believe that she is given that love without a need to earn it. And I will love her every chance I get so that she knows her value to God's people and ultimately to God.