Courage You Can Own

My mom gave me this key that I didn't really understand. She had no way of explaining it to me. She showed me the video on the website, and all she said was "give it up when someone needs it more than you."

The key said COURAGE. I was almost mad at my mom for giving it to me, thinking it meant I needed more courage.

I put the key around my neck the next morning at school. In my 6th period class, one of my good friends for a few years told me and her other table-mates the main reason she wasn't a Christian, was her home life. She expressed that she thought her family would quickly convince her why Christianity was wrong, and that her relationship with God wouldn't last long because of that. I asked her if she had ever heard about The Giving Keys. She said no, and I told her my story. I took the key off my neck, and put it around hers. I told her to take this seriously, and to have the courage to make her decisions about Christ based on what she wants, not what her family says about it.