Grateful For Moments

Not sure how to start my story but here it goes!! I had purchased a key for my "sister" a couple years back & saw what joy it brought to her so I ended up buying myself one. I spent several days trying to decide what best fit me, if I wanted to use a word that was already there or make one of my own. After several days I finally decided to choose "Grateful". I felt it represented what I needed to remember on a daily basis. I had a family that loves and supports me, a son that is amazing and healthy, and friends that were always there for me. Even though life wasn't always the way I had dreamed it would be, I should and will always be Grateful for what it is.

I had my key for close to 8 months and a few days before I gave it away thought to myself that I probably would always have it & couldn't imagine ever giving it away to anyone. It was special to me & was such a great reminder. Boy was I wrong!!

This past weekend I went to visit my "sister" who lives an hour north of me. I was in need of a break from my busy life, we met up for beer and pizza with our mutual friend Leah and my sister's boyfriend. The night went on and I was really enjoying myself. We ended up at a friends house where we continued to have a few drinks and some good conversation. Leah and I were sitting on the couch and we were discussing some issues she was dealing with. I found myself somewhat relating to her story and trying to be supportive and give the best advice I could. As our conversation continued I felt myself pulling on the chain of my key (something I often did) but this time it was different. I knew that Leah needed my key!

My "sister" (who had given away her key several months ago) called me into the bathroom. I don't know if she could tell what was going on, but once I entered the bathroom she knew right away. The second my feet crossed into the bathroom the tears started to flow uncontrollably. I told her that I was going to give Leah my key and I had such mixed emotions about it. I knew it was the right thing to do, but I also felt like I was giving up a piece of myself. I sobbed for a couple of minutes then asked Leah to join me.

I explained how much the key had reminded me of all that is so wonderful in my life. Than when times were tough and I didn't always understand the purpose that the key was always there to make sure I was Grateful for my life and the people and things in it. I felt so wonderful as soon as I put that chain around her neck. The craziest thing to me was that i knew almost immediately what I needed to do and who needed my key!! It is amazing what a small piece of metal can bring to someones life!!

Thank you " The Giving Keys" for opening my eyes even more than I ever thought possible!!

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