When The Time Is Right


I love old keys, I don't know why, I just always did. I used to wear the old key to my dad's bar on a chain, i loved the antique look of it. When I graduated high school I wore it and my mom finally asked me why I liked it so much and I finally found an actual reason; it was my own little reminder that no matter what comes, my future is reliant on me and me alone, something I struggled with understanding for many years. Ever since then they've been everywhere in my life so when I found The Giving Keys I was incredibly excited to order one of my own and the idea of sometime passing it on was scary but exciting but I figured I would have a while to enjoy it until I did.

I only recieved my key in the beginning of March this year but I have already passed it on and, now that it's been a little, am actually so happy I did. This week is "Queer Week" at my college and we had a transgender speaker on Monday, a close friend of mine is in the process of really understanding their gender identity and were both excited but nervous to hear her speak that night. Before the speaker began I could see how shaky and anxious my friend was so I gave them my necklace to hold on to for strength, saying it says fearless on the back and that's what they need to remember to be right now. I had it off my neck and the words coming out of my mouth before I even realized it.

During the speaker I sent them a really super long text explaining the giving keys and saying why I got it and why I wanted to pass it on. After the speaker my friend was in tears, some happy and relieved, but some not. They hugged me and handed the necklace back, I could still see the marks from having it so tightly wrapped around their hand the whole time. I gave them another hug and put it in their pocket saying I wanted them to hold onto it for now. Later that night I got a very thankful text back and when I saw them the next day, my friend lifted it up a little from under their shirt and gave me a huge smile.

I didn't mean to give my key away so fast, I loved it so much and it meant so much to me, but I guess when it comes down to it, my friends mean more to me and if given the choice I would do it again in a heartbeat. Since the moment my hand even started to go to take it off my decision was final and I haven't regretted it for even a single milasecond.

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