Simply Believe

I received this key on my doorstep from a very dear friend of mine who had recently went through hip surgery and I had the joy of helping to rehab her. She is a very genuine, sincere lady. She experienced controversy at work with people calling her names when she walked, because she limped after her surgery due to a leg length discrepancy. Words can be very harsh. I know that she was depressed during this time, but she continued to put others before herself.

I had been dealing with some adversity at work. Similar to what she was experiencing, but different. My coworkers are intimidated by me and hate that I work hard. Long story short, I was written up at work. I am a hard worker, determined and I am very passionate about my job and helping others.

She left a note for me saying "Believe. You are a great person just the way you are. Inspire. Keep inspiring people like me. You have helped me so much and I know others feel the same way. You give us joy, confidence, and strength. This is just what I needed. I would walk into work thinking Believe and Inspire everyday and I still do."

I only had this key for a short while. I saw that someone else needed it more than I did. This lady was also one of my patients and I fully rehabbed her leg. In the midst of rehabbing her and her husband, I became an inspiration to them and comfort. They have a daughter in her 20's that they adopted when she was very young. Her mother was a heroin addict and now this young lady has a severe drug addiction and is constantly high, in and out of jail and has no direction in her life and it is tearing her parents up. It breaks my heart and all I can do is to tell them to PRAY and give it to GOD. They are such a sweet couple and don't deserve what they have been going through.

I try and keep them preoccupied with other activities, but what can you say to them when they get a call that their daughter is in the ER with both eyes blackened from being beat up by her boyfriend and found in the backseat of a car drinking rubbing alcohol.

I told her to Believe that God has a plan for her life and Inspire others who may be dealing with the same issues. They both have such loving hearts and want the best for her, but sometimes it takes a little tough love.

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