Believe In The Timing

I first came across the keys at Haven Boutique in Glendale, AZ. I immediately fell in love with the idea behind this. But what mattered most, was that someone set out to make a difference in the life of someone else. I have to admit that when I was told the idea is to pass the key along, I thought they were crazy because I was spending hard earned money on this. But, it happened. The day came that I knew my key was destined to be in the hands of someone who needed a word to cling to. We have German Shorthair Pointers in our home. Anyone who knows this breed, know that you have to be crazy to have them :) Just kidding, they are an amazing dog, I should say family member.

A little over a year ago, I lost my boy Max right in front of me. I felt so helpless and it has been difficult to get over losing him. You see, he came into our lives at a very difficult time. I took our first German Shorthair Pointer in to be spayed, and she died during surgery. I was also going through a divorce and coming home to an empty house after work was difficult for my daughter and I. So, enter Max. He was our protector, my friend, my comedian, my guardian for my daughter and I, my support when I just needed to cry. So, after losing him, I took to Facebook and found a German Shorthair Pointer page. The people on that page are family because we can all relate to the crazy antics we live with on a day to day basis with these crazy four legged family members. Well, one day a member posted that she needed prayers for something that was happening.

And that was when I knew, my key found a new home.

She was going through tough times, a divorce just to name the one thing that I know, and she has a German Shorthair Pointer. I think Max directed me. So, the key is now traveling to Texas temporarily....until it finds a home with the next person who needs it. J & T - may God bless you both on this road.....and the road will get better if you just BELIEVE!!!